The Tech Superpowers of the Far East

The Tech Superpowers of the Far East

What should CTOs care about? A Chat with Itamar Friedman, Director of AI Vision Lab, Alibaba

According to the latest reports, the state of unicorn companies around the world suggests 104 Chinese companies vs just 13 US-based ones.

In fact, in 2018, a unicorn startup was born every 3.8 days in China.

If you are like us, then you haven't heard about most of these companies. Many of us have heard about China overtaking the US as the world's leading AI superpower.

But what does that mean?

As founders and CTOs of western companies, what are the things we could learn from the amazing tech revolution going on in China and its neighboring countries?

To answer some of these questions and open a discussion, Itamar Friedman joins the club to lead our next session.

Itamar has a very unique and interesting background relevant to this topic - as the Co-Founder and CTO of the first Israeli company that was acquired by Alibaba (Visualead), one the undisputed giants of the Chinese technology sphere, Itamar is probably one of the best people to talk to in order to understand the inside story of Chinese tech and the tech scene in the Far East in general. 

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