Founder & CTO Journey: Insider Insights

Founder & CTO Journey: Insider Insights

In our upcoming meeting, we are proud to have Ami Luttwak join the Tel Aviv CTO Club to share his story and talk about his experience.

Ami, who currently serves as the CTO of Microsoft Israel R&D, began his career at the IDF Talpiot program.

Soon after the army service, he co-founded cybersecurity company Adallom, who had become famous as Microsoft's largest security acquisition.

Adallom raised 3 rounds of funding led by Sequoia Capital Index ventures with a total of over 50 million dollars in funding.

Today, Ami serves as the CTO of Microsoft Israel R&D, a very vertical role in one of the worlds largest and most profitable software companies.

Ami holds an M.Sc. (cum laude) in Computer Science from The Hebrew University, and has majored in Physics, Math and Computer Science during his Bachelor's degree as part of the Talpiot Military program.

We are excited to have Ami with us to chat about his journey and we look forward to seeing you all there for a fruitful and interesting CTO Club discussion!

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