From Founder/CTO of a FinTech Unicorn to a GP in a VC:

Crossing the fences from the technical founder role to investing in early-stage startups.

Yuval Ariav joins the TLV CTO Club to tell us about his lessons in transitioning from the technical entrepreneur position (most recently - Founder & CTO at Fundbox, one of the biggest FinTech success stories) to the VC position (Yuval currently serves as a General Partner in LionBird VC).

About Yuval

Yuval comes from a hardcore technical leadershipbackground, going back to his army service as a Section Leader in an elite technology unit in the IDF, through being Chief Architect and Director of Product at Onavo, which served as the entry point for Facebook into Israel following its acquisition, and to Fundbox, a FinTech unicorn known for its unique technology offering that disrupted the credit market, which Yuval Co-Founded and served as CTO.

Today Yuval serves as a General Partner at LionBird, an early-stage Venture Capital firm investing in companies in the US and Israel with an AI focus, and as anadjunct professor atColumbia Business School, where he teaches the business leaders of the future about how data-rich companies can transform their data assets into new product lines and revenue streams.

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